I guess you already discovered something about me via my photography, but now it's time you get to know me a bit better :)


I live in Paris with my husband, with no pets or kids at the moment. My husband is also into photography, especially into its analog kind, and this makes it our biggest family passion, which sometimes turns our bathroom into a darkroom or a film development lab :-D 

Our passion number 2 is travelling. So I guess it's not at all surprising that I became a professional travel and fashion photographer.


When I am staying in Paris for longer periods, meeting with people from all over the world on the photoshoots and chatting with them about their lives makes me feel like travelling and discovering something new without actually leaving Paris. 

I am also into painting, and I find that my painting skills and style contribute a lot to my photography too, since painting is mostly about understanding the composition and feeling of colour. 


I fluently speak 5 languages, which are Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English and French. So If one of them is your native language, or you are more comfortable speaking it, I'd happily switch to that with you! 



Besides fashion photography, I am also crazy about fashion itself! You simply cannot escape the strong Parisian fashion vibe - the world's most important fashion events take place here regularly, the city and people living in it are the immense source of daily inspiration for me! That was one of the reasons why I launched my brand of exclusive and creative bags called WOODO about a year ago. What makes them special and so unique is that they are all hand painted by me, and every bag exists in one exemplar only.


And I invite you to check them out on my art website!


Looking forward to meeting you in Paris!